Early Years

I was born in Bogota, Colombia in December 1985.

I was first introduced to squash at the age of 2 by my dad, who taught me the bases of the sport at such short age and from whom I inherited the love and passion for the game. Nevertheless, It was only by the age of 8 when I competed in my first national tournament in the u10 category.

I attended the school Calasanz in Bogotá. As a student there I was actively involved with many sports teams, including soccer and table tennis. As a teenager in school, squash started to become a priority and part of my daily routine. Playing tournaments every weekend and dedicating my life to training and competitions.

At the age of 11 I competed in my first international tournament, becoming the U12 champion at the Canadian Junior open and so achieving one of my first big sports goals.

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Matches played


Professional Tournaments Played


Matches Won


PSA Titles

Teenage Years

After a successful run as a junior, I decided to broaden my goals and dream bigger.

This meant breaking into the international scene and becoming part of the Professional World Tour. By the time I was 15 I started competing in the '1A' category in Colombia, the professional category in my country. 3 years later I won my first tournament in this category. In 2003-2004 I had my last major successes as a junior when I won the Canadian and U.S. Junior Open title 2 years in a row.

As a 19 year old I joined the PSA. In April of that year, I played my first international tournament. By November, I won my first PSA title in Buenos Aires, Argentina, finishing the year as world number 73.

Going Pro

In 2014 I reached world number 14, becoming the highest ranked Latin-American player.

2015, proved to be my most successful year. I broke into the world top 10 as world number 8 and I am currently ranked 4 in the world, with a total of 26 international titles.

Throughout my sporting career I've had the privilege of representing my country in several occasions. As a member of the Colombian National team, I've reached the top places. I have won Gold medals at the Bolivarian Games, South American and Central American Games.

In June of this year, I won the Panam Games in Toronto, Canada. I also won the bronze medal at the 2013 world games.

I am hopeful that the best years of my career are yet to come...


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