World Series Finals – Dubai 2016

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Dubai PSA World Series Finals 2015-2016
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World Series Finals – Dubai 2016


A few years ago it was difficult to imagine it, being amongst the best. Not because I didn’t had what it takes, many have what it takes, even more than me, but they never make it.
Today I find the most significant reward to what I have devoted to this wonderful sport.
I knew that my ranking and results placed me as one of the chosen ones to compete at the WORLD SERIES FINALS in the emblematic city of Dubai, but I had a lot of anxiety towards the actual publication of the list of contestants.
Today it was official published and I felt breathless, overwhelmed by happiness as I read my name on the list and realized my childhood dream had become a reality. I am part of the elite in the world of Professional Squash!!

With The Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world as a backdrop, the glass court will be set to host the top 16 male and female players in te world in a battle for the World Series ultimate title.
The PSA is fulfilling a long desire to host this amazing event.

It is only the top 8 players of the World Series ranking which is different from the PSA Ranking. This only takes into consideration the points gained at World Series events in the 2015 and 2016 season.
Two groups of 4 players, all against all. It will only allow for two players of each group to reach the semifinals and then the highest honor.

I am so proud to represent my country and the ambassador of America in the culprit of Squash in Dubai from May 24th to 28th.

We will all be there with our hopes and illusions of winning intact, backed up by work and dedication.
I will leave the best of me on court!!